About Our Restaurant

The Pastaria & Market was opened in 1995 as a retail pasta shop and deli. Donna grew up within a family of Italian immigrants, and she began her culinary path inspired by her food obsessed family and her chef grandfather. Bitten by the restaurant bug at age 12, her weekends were spent with her best friend, whose parents owned two restaurants that she often volunteered to help in. In the 1990's, Donna got to work on perfecting family recipes, creating sauces and playing with different pasta recipes. After some extended classes at the San Francisco Culinary Academy, she gained the confidence to open The Pastaria & Market on Main St in Los Gatos, a retail pasta shop specializing in a fresh pasta, sauces, charcutterie, bread, cheese, olive oil, vinegar and other delicacies.

After several months of strong support from the greater community, Donna could sense that changes would be coming. Her customers challenged her to prepare meals for takeout, asking her to put tables in so they could eat there. After 10 months, she relented and a beer and wine license was added, and the fresh pasta shop was transformed into a full-service restaurant. Over the next 2 decades, The Pastaria & Market established itself as a family run, neighborhood focused, family friendly business, with a strong commitment to the Los Gatos community.